So-called Women’s Day

So-called Women’s Day

On March 8, most of the aficionados of women’s rights observe Women’s Day.
The people who take to the streets to chant gender equality slogans are
determined to resolve the issue in the coming years. But, all the processions,
human chains, seminars, promotional campaigns, etc. on the streets are of
no value, because the following true incidents are still on the rise.
Incident 1: A girl (19) was teased by one of her cousins. Seeing the sexual
misdemeanor towards her, she decided to inform her parents as well as her
uncle and aunt. Her uncle and aunt, after finding out their son’s act, neither
grounded him nor took any disciplinary action. Instead, they encouraged him to
carry on his work so that their boy can find a girl to love, even if it means dating
his own cousin.
The girl’s parents were left with no other choice but to have her married to a
neighbor of theirs. She was engaged to the man with whom she wanted to fall in
love after marriage, if not before. But, her luck was not on her side. For some
unknown reason, her fiancé breached his promise to marry her. Afterward, she
never saw his face, had a call, or received a text from him again after the

Incident 2: A girl (22) was abused when she was on her way to home. As she
stepped out from the campus premises of her university, where she had been
studying for 2 years, five boys approached her. One of them was aggressive
enough to about to slap her in the face in public.
The boy with the intent to slap was a so-called friend of her. Around one week
before the incident, he fell in love with her and proposed, but she refused.
According to the girl, the feeling was not mutual. The result was towering rage
from the boy. Unable to accept the fact his proposal was declined, he made a
move to confront her. In the end, the girl was the victim of abuse.
The amount of money invested in an anti-misogyny movement is more of a
show-off than a solution to all the issues of female victims. Moreover, the people

who are actively participating in such campaigns should understand it better. This
is a rather a vain attempt to make the lives of women less miserable, if not at all.
The problems women have are more severe these days, and the campaigns are
of no value. These should be done only when we can have a full-scale restriction
against the men, as well as women — the ones who commit offenses against
other women. But, in reality, the problems will always be prevalent without a
So, what is it we can do to put a stop to these crimes? In honesty, I do not have
any proper answer to that question.
Once, a female friend of mine asked me, “what is the answer to all the problem of
women?” For a moment, I became speechless, as there is none. In reply, I said,
“we can only devote ourselves to teaching our children regarding the right
attitude towards women; nothing more … nothing less.”
Hence, instead of wasting money on useless campaigns and advertisements, we
should raise our children to respect women and empower them.


Internet for children, or not?


I, as an adult, find it hard to believe how the world has come to this day since the inception of the internet. Back when we were children, we used to learn how to write a letter to our dear ones with cared, chosen words. Today, the art of writing a letter is lost in the midst of “LMAO,” “WTF,” and “BTW.” These acronyms of a sort are quite the easiest ones I have seen. There are many more of these I do not fully understand. Over the course of time, the mother tongue we as Bengalis used to cherish so much has become more forgotten than ever. Due to the usage of internet, adults are becoming slaves to Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other products of the internet. Children too, these days, are no stranger to these products, or to becoming a techno-slave, or to the slurs of the internet, or to pornography. Using these social media sites and entertainment sites surely gives the children, as well as the adults, some sort of solace, in order to take a break from reality; and this is where the problem starts.

In a recent turn of events, it is incondensable how the children are becoming more vulnerable due to exposure to the internet. Cases of suicides after playing the notorious game “Blue Whale” gave parents quite the headache of their lives. Moreover, these cases have left a mark in most of the victims’ lives.

This is the real downside of the internet, because it is the very reason why children had the access to these nefarious games in the first place.

Most of the children, who look for some sort of entertainment, given that they are mentally stressed for some issues of theirs, will not care whether the form of it is suitable for their age or not. Besides, children’s minds are more inclined to gain new experiences. They will opt for any option they find before them. This is where they might get themselves involved in predicaments without them even knowing it, starting from inappropriate games to dangerous miscreants.

There are numerous instances where people met some strangers and became terrorist members. The terrorist attack at ‎Holey Artisan Bakery, Gulshan, is the epitome of those instances. Here, most of the terrorists were not mindless murderers or some starving youths who needed money to satisfy their hunger. They were few homicidal, mentally disturbed people of well-known families in their 20’s who tried to make a slaughterhouse out of a restaurant. To do so, they first had themselves acquainted with some IS members online. Then, they executed their plans to kill innocent non-Muslims, knowing they will be offered paradise after their deaths. This mishap happened to some deranged youth, something that might occur to teenagers as well as children.

In a nutshell, this is the bigger picture of what subscribing to an internet connection can do to children’s lives.

Other than the problems of using the internet, there are also some fun facts regarding a life without internet. In truth, being a millennial, it is hard for me to tune in with other millennials of my age just because I cannot speak their language with ease. That is, in part, my fault, and I do not elect to play a blame game with my parents. After all, I knowingly chose to stay away from the internet, the very reason behind my inability to hold a conversation with today’s millennials. Not that it matters to me anymore, but it did some damage in terms of keeping in contact with some prominent people. In addition to that, there were other problems I had to face. Some of those happened to be quite painful.

Whenever I tried to ask a girl out with whom I wanted to have a relationship, I regrettably did not find anyone as single, since most of them had been in relationships with someone else since their 8th grade, give or take.

Apart from the fact that internet does not let anyone have relationships with their actual crushes, there are other problems as well. Education, for instance, has become more internet-orientated than ever. Without the use of the internet, children will not get to access the online tutorials. Moreover, a source of entertainment of a sort, besides TV, can be found on the internet. Maybe, due to children’s abundant pressure in their studies, they might not get to see programs broadcasted on TV channels. So, the best option for them is to look for those same programs online, the last place where most of the parents would want their children to be.

In the late 90’s, this internet revolution took place on the face of the world, a revolution that supposedly made the lives of people around the world easier than ever in terms of accessing information and communications. Without its use, we are crippled, and, with it, we are blind. Because of it, we are going through more of a gut-wrenching paranoia than easiness these days, after so many years since it became popular among people. The millennials’ mania for the products of the internet, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Online gaming, YouTube, or other sources of online entertainment and communication, is taking this online generation on the verge of depression, insomnia, and other sorts of psychoses; even terrorism is not off the list. This is not the way I would want my children have the world to them represented. Rather, I would see to the content, whether it is appropriate or not. Hence, the internet is the best place for children. At the same time, it is not. It depends on the parents, not the government, or any third party.

The small moments we overlook

The small moments we overlook

Small, happy moments are a part of our life, no matter how insignificant they may be to us. Such moments actually define us in terms of our mentality, attitude, and behavior. For instance, looking up at the sky at dusk on summer days is heavenly for anyone; stargazing during nighttime is a remarkable sight to see; gazing at streetlights while on one’s way to home on a rickshaw is memorable. All these moments are nothing compared to the ones we go through every day, moments that bliss us. When we get a job, we feel elated; when we become parents, we become euphoric. However, the only difference between the blissful moments and the insignificant ones that I see is their ability to make us happy in sad moments when we have nothing to do but to shed tears for our own predicaments.

A few days ago, I had to work late. By the time I finished my work, it was around 7:00 PM. Before getting off, I decided to get up from my seat just to take a stroll outside my room along the lobby. As I opened the office door to the mammoth lobby, I noticed a cleaner working on her nightshift just outside the lavatory door across the lobby. But, I also caught sight of something odd — she was not doing her actual work. Instead, she was deflating the air out of some discarded balloons used for decoration in a program and putting them in a bag. The club members, who arranged the program in the lobby, left those for the cleaners to clean up after them. I went over to her, out of curiosity, to talk about what she was really doing.

As I approached her, she stopped what she was doing after seeing me. With a warm smile, she asked, “How can I help you, sir?” In my reply, I asked what she had been doing with those inflated balloons. She smiled and replied, “I am taking these balloons for my niece; she loves to play with them.” In her answer, I realized how important making her niece happy means to her. Then, I asked her how much she gets for her paycheck. Hearing that question, she got rid of that smile from her face. Head down, she replied, “Tk. 4,000.” As apparent as it seems, she does not have enough money to buy her niece balloons. For a moment, she and I stood in silence. Afterward, I asked if she had a husband. She answered “yes,” but with a heartbroken sigh. Because, her husband has left her for good, living with another family of his. Talking with her, I guessed what sort of pain she was going through. After listening to her, I left her to herself.

That day, I realized how a person’s happiness, if there is any in one’s life, could be ruined in the blink of an eye. The woman from the lobby was no stranger to that sort of situation. But, she was not ready to give in to despair. She surely had tried her fullest to find happiness wherever she could, and she found it, in the end, in the smile of her niece, a reason for her to live in this excuse of a world.

We, human beings, have the urge to look for happiness in our deepest and darkest of moments. We give our best efforts in finding it, even though it may be in the most unusual places on earth. It may be in the form s of families, friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors or in the forms of money, alcohol, sex, and so on. But, we keep forgetting that there is a place in between these two forms of happiness, the forms we overlook daily. Much to my disappointment, we scrunch them up, chuck them on the floor, and trod on them without even thinking what those could mean to us in our life.

In fact, it is not so difficult to find small, joyous, cherished moments, only if one has a heart for those. For me, it is a matter of will.

One day, I had to go to a U.S. Trade Fair to assist my associates at work. I was needed to give them logistic support. For that, my associates and I had a ride to that fair on the back of a pickup truck at around eight at night, carrying all the equipment needed to put up a stall at the fair. We did have seats inside the vehicle, but we sat at the back anyway. Among us, only my senior colleagues from work took seats inside. We choose to seat at the back, only to realize we had the best time of our lives – the soothing breeze hitting on our face, the street lamps leaving us behind, the roar of the cars; all these made my trip to the trade fair worthwhile.

Therefore, to anyone out there living in misery, I would advise you to choose to be happy instead of holding on to lingering emotions, for there is happiness in the trivial of moments and deepest of desires.


Lost norms, ethics, and humanity

Lost norms, ethics, and humanity

These days, the world has become more of a circus to global bystanders. To them, in contrast to previous versions of societies, the world has been not so different from the previous version of it and, at the same time, is very different. In terms of technological advancements, the world has made quite an improvement. Many innovations such as Tesla’s electric cars, Space X’s space exploration, AI, etc. are among those, which are an effort to make a better world, as well as other distant colonies of Earth in the future, to live.

Amidst these so-called achievements, we left behind some things as precious as our wealth. We even forgot to pick those up on our way to the apogee of our success when it was within our reach. Those happen to be our humanity and ethics.

Several other achievements can be taken into account. However, people remained unwavering when it came to the matters as “trivial” as humanity and ethics. To some intellectuals, the present behavior of people is seen as more of a moral degradation rather than moral development. And I agree with them in part.

In most cases, when a person is in trouble, none lends a hand. Even if there are people who get themselves injured on the road in some sort of accidents, onlookers just stare at them instead of helping them out. They only help by emptying the moneybags of the injured lying on the streets or by finding out who is to blame for the accident. This is just a glimpse of what the society looks like these days.

No lover loves his or her mate unequivocally or unconditionally. Rather, people have started to go out on “dates” in order to find out with whom they can stay together the longest. Some are even engaged in premarital sex or adultery; And just because of these people, many others who do not indulge themselves in these practices are turning their faces away from social institutions including marriage and family. A lot even make a run for being The Solitary Reaper.

These are just a few cases of many seen by most people, and by most, I mean the intellectuals of the society included. According to them, we are at war with our own stupidity, and I agree too. This is indeed quite a mess created by the Millenials.

Few other examples of the mess the Millenials created: most of them these days are willing to create a world of their own within the confines of their smartphone screens. They like only the Facebook pages that conform to their beliefs and values. If anything they find out happens to be contrary to their beliefs, they start interpreting the world as a rude place to live in. All the more reason why they behave rudely back at the world, ending up committing hate crimes.

Common cooking practices have become obsolete. Nowadays, I rarely find someone who can cook a meal for themselves, irrespective of them being men or women.

To most Millennials, the only purpose, while they are alive, is to have fun as they have one life to live, which is why being simple has become boring over the decades. For the sake of attracting attention and being different, some people go to extreme lengths to show off how different they are from the rest. Some even show how sincere and law-abiding citizens they can be by taking photos of them while helping the poor, whereas they are not committed to helping the needy while they are at it.

According to recent studies and global contexts, most of the people are experiencing a lack of empathy. The lack of proper judgment among people can be blamed for that.

On a global scale, the lack of ethics and humanity is seen to precipitate into major crises. And this can be seen in the recent turn of events. For instance, the right-wing snobs of white supremacist groups in the USA robustly berate the principles and values of other minority groups, including those of Red Indians and Muslims. In the face of condemnation, most of these minorities are fleeing from the states for their life, while the Trump administration enjoys the view from the sidelines.

These instances, however, does not necessarily mean there are no decent images of society. Some do take a stance when they see a crime being committed right before their eyes. They even help others, not just for the sake of showing off to people. Nonetheless, the fact that moral degradation did take place cannot be denied.

In contrast to the present society, the previous version of it was a relatively better place to live in. People, instead of diving into the world of virtual reality, used to take part in social festivals. Helping parents, relatives, neighbors, and others were considered a blessing. These social norms were never chucked into the corner like the way we do these days. Sad to say, those days are not coming back until we change ourselves, or else will mean saying goodbye to those good old days.

A submissive child of out-of-tune, authoritarian parents

A submissive child of out-of-tune, authoritarian parents

There was a time when I had chosen to obey my parents to show them if I was worthy of being their son. Listening to what they had to say was imperative for that. More or less, I had to obey them anyway. Otherwise, I would not have been given any food to eat, any clothes to wear, or enough education to receive. I would not have had the perks that come with being a pet of theirs. Why a pet? For starters — who had the choice to have a free mind of theirs, one should know that people like us usually never have enough freedom to write “nonsense” such as this piece. Our authoritarian parents always had their way in preventing that: either by unsubscribing the internet subscription or by beating to the point of giving us a black-and-blue arm (some parents actually do that). There is no private space for people such as us even when the matter comes to having lunch with our friends. Our parents deter us from meddling with affairs they find beyond their comprehension. They render us submissive until we become numb. And all of this is because they have always been out of tune with our beliefs they consider irrational.

So, how is it that I am writing this piece without my parent’s consent? In fact, I started to disobey them as much as I can the day I realized that I could never achieve success without doing so. I had grown tired of their authoritarian rule every day, as I had tried to align myself with my parent’s ideas the previous day. Not a single day had passed by without feeling the pang of regret for not doing what my parents forbade me from.

There were times when I wanted to step up my efforts in excelling myself, whether it is by reading books, writing articles, or playing football. I never had time for these “mundane” matters, according to none other but my parents. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of coaching centers to attend every day besides going to school. So, I never could afford the luxury to engage in extra-curricular activities due to lack of time. As such, I had to bury myself in my study books instead, trying to study almost 12 hours a day. I never concentrated on my studies though during those study hours at home, let alone at school. Thus, this studying is something in which I failed at an epic scale.


On top of a hectic schedule of studying, there was a problem in attending coaching centers itself, the problem of having avid know-it-all learners who outperforms their fellow classmates. By doing so, they never give the others a chance. If they happen to know everything, why resort to alternative pathways in obtaining an education in the first place. There is no chance for a mediocre learner such as myself to get help from these so-called alternative educational institutions; thanks to those avid learners. My parents, however, believed in the notion of following suit. They believe following in the footsteps of another person will open the doorway to success, which is what I used to believe too. So, I was forced to spend that precious time of mine in coaching centers, trying to imitate the wise guys in hopes of getting some marks to pass in school. Today, I believe learning from the alphas  within a society instead of taking every path they take is good enough to attain success.

In a nutshell, I never had the slightest chance to pursue my full potential until recently. That day I realized my parents were only impeding my progress in irrational ways they never fully understood, for better or worse. After all, their beliefs have always been centered on the stigmas to controversial matters of society, which I do not wish to speak of. What more can I expect!

My parents – like most of the out-of-tune parents – are unwavering in their decisions. Reasoning with them is a futile gesture, and I learned that in a hard way. They never attempt to understand that every child is unique in their way; all the more reason why they should not jump to conclusions on what children should do and not do in their lives.

An example of the limited knowledge of parenting my parents have is as such: My father ostensibly believes that one does not require studying mathematics in order to do solve a mathematical problem. One just needs to depend on one’s wit for that purpose. He even slapped me occasionally when I told him about me giving the introductory passages a read when I was of 11 years old. The funniest part is he believes in this notion  to this day. He refrains from learning what needs to. On the other hand, my mother never let me read a novel, even the one that I had found most enthralling and educative. I had to read it furtively. One day she caught me red-handed, followed by a beating that involved flip-flops as the instrument. She never understands learning requires reading books out of syllabus. How is it possible I am living with my parents? It is because I still love them, knowing they do all this without the prior knowledge they should have had.


What would have happened to me if I held on to my father’s principles in regard to making a living to this day? The answer is I might have ended up in the gutters, and probably be accused of negligence later by relatives, neighbors, and friends for not listening to my dad.

My dad has given up his hopes on me because of me being disloyal to his family. He thinks of me nothing more than a spoiled brat, the one who keeps on blabbering about how they could have helped me out in times of adversity. Apart from that, I happen to not listen to them at all when it comes to advices. Thus, he became frustrated to the point of putting a stop to helping me pay my tuition fees.

The best course of action I had to take was to disobey my parents, regardless of them being my beloved ones. The reason behind it is simple. It is necessary to take a step towards on the warpath, even if it means going against one’s own parents for one’s own good. We should not be under the mistaken belief that “everything happens for our own good” instead. What good came out of this? I had a second chance in surviving in this excuse of a world.


Once Thomas Szasz said, “Parents teach children discipline for two different, indeed diametrically opposed, reasons: to render the child submissive to them and to make him independent of them. Only a self-disciplined person can be obedient; and only such a person can be autonomous.” I happened to be rendered submissive throughout my school days, which never worked out for me. Until recently, I myself had to set myself free so that I can make a difference to my former self, for which I have a long path to take.

As I faced the pro and cons of authoritarian parenting, I would suggest all future parents not resort to this method of parenting to render your children submissive, whereas they can have a free mind of theirs to make a living in this world.


Born in Myanmar



Opening a path to an impending disaster is what, apparently, seems to people across the world when it comes to the ethnic Muslim minorities such as the Rohingyas. Things surely have not been looking up for them just like it was not back when Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto civilian leader today, made a powerful plea addressing the world leaders in the New York Times op-ed back in 1997 stating, “Please use your liberty to promote ours”. As it seems, the plea  has backfired on her given the textbook case of ethnic cleansing — according the UN Human Rights chief — the Rohingyas are subjected to today, making them say, “Aung San Suu Kyi, please use your liberty to promote ours, the Rohingyas”.


The Nobel laureate  whom most esteemed ,erudite scholars and international leaders used to revere is now convicted of genocide by those very people, no less. She is now being despised for reportedly being the one behind the ploys used to kill innocent civilians. After spending years under house arrest as a political prisoner, succumbing to the authoritarian rule of Myanmar Army for decades, she of all people, the daughter of Major General Aung San no less, who was assassinated in the year 1997 before he could see an independent Burma, should understand the pain of refugees who took shelter in asylums in Bangladesh saying, “They raped my daughter and killed her” or “I lost my son. I lost my mother. I have no one at all’ or “They will burn us to death.”


Truth to be told, the democratic icon has turned a blind eye to the setting houses alight with people tied up inside and to those fleeing in fear of oppression. What is she up to anyway? What is she trying to prove by being silent while thousands are burnt to death? Surely, she does not want another Novel peace prize. Her shortcomings as a the ruler of the “democratic struggle” has led to moments when the government of Myanmar started entertaining themselves with such “humane” achievements as sentencing Rohingyas to have their hands cut off, their body burned alive, their mothers, sisters, and wives raped in front of them, their children bashed brutally before their very eyes. Ironically, even after this rampant killing of an ethnic group, she stills bolsters , in her defense, her claims about Buddhists being put in harm’s way by no other than the Myanmar’s brutal military dictatorship besides the Muslims in a remarkable interview with BBC’s Mishal Hussain. That is quite an appalling claim to make given those so-called oppressed Bhuddists spurn offers of help of those nations who came to the Rohingyas’ aid with their ships containing enough supplies for them. Let us just leave aside what she said under her breath about not attending the interview if she had known the interviewer was a Muslim in the first place. So, is this actually a game to her, playing peak-a-boo with the world?


Apparently, it seems that she chose the winning side of the game, where she is the one playing with the baby — the world. And, for the world, they are just playing along with her, willing to hear lullabies. Notwithstanding the objections, she keeps on insisting her being a saint. The U.N Rapporteur mentioned in a document that the violence that is going on throughout the Myanmar could “amount to crimes against humanity.” If she knows of all these atrocities, given that she has access to the internet, why she is so vocal about “a huge iceberg of misinformation” on the horrendous crimes being committed, but remains silent on no less than 125,000 people who have been driven out from their country? Is it because that Myanmar just turned into an unstable regime? Or, is it because this is actually a systematic killing of innocent men, women, and children with the help their buddy Israel with whom they are working in tandem, who are reportedly selling Corner Shot Rifles used in the occupied Palestinian territories to Myanmar and training soldiers on how to wield it? Thus, they have been bankrolling the Myanmar government for some time, seemingly, for what it is worth.


What good will even come from murdering thousands of civilians? Is it the economic zone the Myanmar government has been dreaming about? What a world we live in where the upper hands claims lands for themselves disregarding the spill of blood of innocents in the process!

No matter what is done about Rohingyan, also known as Burmese as they born in Myanmar, lives at stake, there always seems to be a snag in the peace negotiations with the Rohingyas; thanks to Aung Sun Suu Kyi’s effort in turning a blind eye to this paramount issue around the evicted, it makes it even much harder. It seems she knows how to play a curve ball. Despite social media’s effort in bringing  out the scourges of oppression into the open, she keeps on winning her game. Be that as it may, nothing is changing the fact the Rohingyas are losing their homeland in the midst of the “worst humanitarian crisis of our time”: according to Zafar Sobhan, Editor of Dhaka Tribune, and they are paying the price with their own life.

People with the slightest rational and critical faculties should understand this massacre is at odds with humanity’s code of ethics. Since the wake of this crisis, Bangladesh has been taking the brunt of it because of being close to the Rakhine state. It has been trying to help the refugees who landed on an alien land. And the people who are coming forward are small business owners and Taxi drivers, with food and water along, not the ones who are sitting in the House of Lords or House of Commons and saying those displaced Rohingyas ended up in squalid camps. These are the people who are playing the ball well; so is Aung Sun Suu Kyi. But fact of them choosing sides — in favor of the evicted or not — is enough to justify their stance.

Despite this account of the cruelties mentioned above that beggars belief because of the degree of it, the verity of this movie of heroes and villains quite exceeds the types of Bangla movie.  However, who is a hero and who is not, in short, is not for anyone to decide at any times, regardless of nation, religion, society, etc., but the world is for everyone to live anywhere they want to, which makes genocide in the name of one’s country illegal.

This opinion is not for the purposes casting aspersion on anybody nor vilifying someone as the savior of Rohingyas. This is what looks like when the Rohingya speaks up at the top of their voice; and all this is because their future is bleak and they have nowhere to go. The only question remains: how many mass graves is it going to take to ensure people’s lives matter before the game of heroes vs villains ends?

Rooftop Rebels of Hong Kong| The problems and its depiction

Rooftop Rebels

Airin and her friends live a miserable life in Hong Kong due to a multitude of problems they face on a daily basis. On an average, Hong Kongers like them do not have access to basic civic amenities, resulting in them ending up in a perpetual state of limbo. When reporters from all around the world came across those problems these youngsters go through every day apart from their struggle for creature comforts, they found out what they do as a means of protest, which is “rooftopping.” It is not like they do not know, but this dangerous task range from climbing to the apex of skyscrapers to jumping off from one roof to another. They do so not only to take photos of riots and other violent demonstrations erupted in protest against the Hong Kong’s common issues, but also to take pictures of their climb to show their stance to the world from above the ground. These photos speak volumes as to the grim situation of their problems, which is in full swing to this day.


This one-of-a-kind response to the aftermath of a pro-democracy “Umbrella Movement” from the Rooftoppers is not an attempt to topple the government of China, nor a message sent out in commiseration to those who are facing the fear of persecution, which is not likely the case. These are isolated protests against the inaccessibility to various proper municipal facilities including cut-rate housings, nutritious food, and drinking water for which the Inside Government — the Chinese Government– is held accountable, which the kids keep asserting. Protests like these, dangerous stunts to be precise, are held by them to encourage others with the same ideology to join the protest against the lack of proper public facilities instead of calling out the Chinese government to deal with their issues by holding violent protests on the streets.


Simmering tensions is always prevalent in Hong Kong, and, unlike the rest of China, it has seen various sorts of violence. Riots break out to this day in response to political dilemmas despite the Rooftoppers’ calls for peaceful protests. These dilemmas have led to severe economic backlash for the future generation of Hong Kong. They are blamed for their misdeed of rooftopping, but it is more than meets the eye. Sometimes, from being ashamed of their people’s violent demonstration on the streets, these brave kids,  instead of taking sticks and stones in hands to a protest, take cameras to take pictures of the protests from the Rooftops. They say they do not have any other choices left, apart from partaking in those protests. This context is apparent enough to prove the youth do not wish to be subjected to oppression, but provide an insight to the world, peacefully, on what is going on. Their reaction is because of not having a better life.

These youngsters take the roof of ramshackle, decrepit buildings at night in the face of threats carried out by police officers. The guards, unlike the police, at the entrance of the building do not pose much of a threat because he is also a victim. Instead of putting up a fight, they reluctantly let them in. Once they are on the rooftops, they start taking videos and pictures of themselves as well as the roads teeming with life, on their way from one roof to another. The way they live their life seems to speak for themselves, but the government has turned a blind eye to their predicaments. The Rooftoppers make an effort in taking the social media by storm by uploading videos of them rooftopping on YouTube. They do get likes for their death-defying stunts whatsoever, but that does not do the trick at the end of the day. It overawes people, though.

To some of the upper hands of the Chinese government , in their defense, the Rooftoppers are looked as off-the-rails, chauvinist kids who wish to floor the government by being vocal about their own problems. But their stance on the government’s problem is because of  having a tough time with their civic issues, when rest of China has enjoying comparatively better lives. Truth to be told, their foolhardy tactics for protesting against the government are all the more reasonable when it comes to their living conditions, and they plan those knowing they are not foolproof.


After these so-called troublesome kids call it in for the night, they get back to work at the break of the dawn for a living. This service-cycle continues while they live being marginalized. Sometimes, recounting the pro-democracy sit-ins of “Umbrella Movement” gives them the shivers. However, they said they might as well take their lives to the front-line and meet their Waterloo instead of languishing in jails while knowing their future is bleak. There is no doubt that the Chinese government has been pulling strings from the dark right from the beginning — the acquisition of Hong Kong from England. Nevertheless, little can be done by and for these people.

Sometimes, recalling the pro-democracy sit-ins of “Umbrella Movement” give the Hong Kongers shivers as well. They still, after what they went through, have not given up their hopes on an Independent Hong Kong just like the Rooftoppers. The only difference between these two groups is one takes violent measures and the other does not for the purposes of protesting.

All of this started right after Hong Kong was handed over to China that sealed the fate of its people within. Afterwards, this piece of land experienced hundreds of casualties over the last two decades. However, most people across the globe do not even know the scourges of the far-reaching political reforms the Chinese government is carrying out, which is resulting in more casualties in the process every day.

In the midst of China’s economic boom, Hong Kongers find themselves lagging behind despite the fact their land is under the mainland’s control.  As it has always been, the inhabitants are given all the blames, telling them that they missed the bus for technological revolution. But, if they are being pushed under the wheels of that bus, they will definitely need to find another way around the regulations imposed to get on it. The rightist, on the other hand, has always condemned these poor souls for their opinions on an Independent as unsolicited and trivialized them by labeling as naval-gazers. Moreover, speaking up on their problems is considered as an outrage, for which they are often labeled as an outlaw too.

Aligned with the conception of Hong Kongers, the dwellers inside the main land think of the legislature as Localism, a tycoon economy that overlooks the simmering political tensions between the two regions. In fact, these tensions are long-standing that often turns into rampage and barbaric acts that come from the government and Hong Kongers as well — a true example of a pluralist type unstable regime.

After UK handed over the country’s sovereignty to China, Hong Kong has gradually become the hotbed of a global confab, in light of the past and recent events.

The transferring of Hong Kong’s  sovereignty from UK to China has been dubbed internationally as “The Handover” or “The Return” that took place on 1 July, 1997. A staggering mass migration to the UK took place before the advent of this event  due to the fact of uncertainty looming over the future of this region. This region that was riven by sectarian issues from the rest of China, partly by the invasion of United Kingdom, and partly by the administrative weakness of Hong Kong that led to its dispute with China in the first place, has been turned into a problematic ramshackle system today; and the youth are trying to resolve that the hard way who wishes to know what future lies ahead for them.


Just like day and night in succession, happiness and sorrow comes and goes for Hong Kongers, very much like the people succumbed to authoritarian rule. As a matter of fact, their sorrow seems to be undefined. Apart from the atrocious, horrid living conditions, volatile markets, and so on, the government itself makes the country more vulnerable to economic paralysis. The concept of pluralism cannot be even thought of in a case like this. Liberalism is the ultimate desire of these people like the rest of the population of the world who never had a taste of freedom. It is just as Marquis de Lafayette said, “Insurrection is the most sacred of rights and most indispensable of duties…”. It became high time for them to realize that and so they are trying to follow that path. But they love the world for what it is; hence they forget to be inhumane.

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